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"The Fire have produced a fine album that deserves to take its place at the top end of any Celtic music chart. Radiance is an album of brilliantly played, highly enjoyable Scottish traditional music at its finest and I heartily recommend it." -

Hughie McNeill, Blues and Roots Radio, Canada/UK/Australia

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 The collection of tunes on Radiance draws from a variety of Scottish fiddle manuscripts, bagpipe music collections, and the pen of all three band members. From a scotch-measure published in the first printed collection of Scottish fiddle tunes in 1700, to a bagpipe anthem, to a medley of contemporary original tunes, Radiance showcases The Fire's passionate mastery of the Scottish music tradition.

Track List
1.  The Prodigal Son
2.  Captain Carswell
3.  Mr. McLaine’s
4.  The Meadow Court Lasses
5.  Dark Lowers the Night
6.  Goodbye Eugene
7.  Miss Graham
8.  The Golden Anniversary
9.  Lanai Jigs
10.  The Old Man
11.  The Session Set
12.  Chasing Down the Sun
13.  The Laird of Foveran
14.  6/8 Pipe Marches


The Fire | Ignite

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 Composed  primarily of traditional Scottish tunes, this album features the interplay of Lomnicky's award winning fiddling with Brewer's masterful piping layered over a rich background of guitar and bouzouki.
Track List
 The Golden Penny
 Highland Plaid
3.   Gaelic Jigs
 The Power Set
5.   Calum MacKinnon



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 Showcasing a captivating diversity of instruments and regional styles, this album adds contemporary innovative spirit to the ancient roots of Scotland's fiddle and bagpipe traditions.  
Track List
 Pressed for Time
 The Long F Set
 Roslin Castle
 John Stephen’s
Coconut Alley
Valley Green Jig
The Very Last Straw
Leith Walk
 The Lighthouse
10. The Fly Fishing Reel

Dave MacDonald’s
12. Dobby’s Jig
13. Lady Charlotte Campbell
14. The Beaches of Harris

David Brewer & Rebecca Lomnicky | Inspired 

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 From a traditional Gaelic air to a set of contemporary reels, this exciting collection bridges the gap between the peoples music of Scotland and modern compositions by both David and Rebecca. 

Track List
1.   Inspired

2.   Bridging The Gap

3.   Lady Elizabeth Cole's

4.   A Mhòrthir Bhoideach

5.   The Highland Wedding

6.   Grandma Rebecca’s Favorite

7.   Amazing Grace

8.   The Panda

9.   The E♭Set

10. The Lights Below Creston

11. Mrs Forsyth’s Pibroch

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