"This trio's sound recalls bands such as The Whistlebinkies, Ossian, Battlefield and The Tannahill Weavers, ...their music is Scottish to the core." - Alex Monaghan, FolkWorld, England, UK

" The Fire have produced a fine album that deserves to take its place at the top end of any Celtic music chart. Radiance is an album of brilliantly played, highly enjoyable Scottish traditional music at its finest and I heartily recommend it... " - Hughie McNeill, Blues and Roots Radio

"Without doubt, The Fire serves up THE most dynamic, entertaining, and head-snapping live show of reels, jigs, strathspeys and all that ilk of any band on the West Coast festival circuit." - Tony Becker, 

"A masterful blend of subtle fiddling and hard-driving piping" - Kithfolk Roots Music Magazine

"Excellent American Duo" - Robbie Shepherd, BBC Radio Scotland

"What a fantastic performance these two performers give. Rebecca sparkles on the fiddle while David plays several types of bagpipe, flute, whistle and guitar and does it all with unreal energy and verve...this duo delivers with talent, stage presence and energy."
-Jack Baker, Irish American News

"World class talent" - 67 Music

            "Listeners were treated to an outstanding
             concert that I think people eventually will
             remember  as one of the best of 2014."

"With their traditional roots, vast diversity of tunes, and
magnificent innovative spirit, this duo presents a phenomenal
and unique performance of past and present Scottish music."
-Willits News

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